Amazing Spider-Man #347 (May 1991)Cover Art by Erik Larson


Amazing Spider-Man #347 (May 1991)
Cover Art by Erik Larson

taken from the POPTH mixtape

Just a tune i was working on tonight…haven’t shared much in a while…so, enjoy…

Sequenced on MPC 3000…SP-1200, TR-909, TR-808, Jupiter 6 and FX

All The Big Chunes yeah?


Strange Powers covers the Berlin classic.

The song first appeared on Berlin’s breakthrough album Pleasure Victim, released on the independent label Enigma in 1982 and re-released on Geffen in 1983. “The Metro” became the third single from the album, and the second to appear on the Geffen label. It was produced and engineered (as was most of the album) by the band’s then-drummer and drum programmer, Daniel Van Patten.
The Berlin recording is known as epitomizing the new wave genre, for showing the genre for what it essentially was: a blending of punk rock and pop, with heavy use of the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 synthesizer. Terri Nunn said the song, which was a breakthrough hit for Berlin, “defined us and defined that period of music. - wiki

Listen to b33p by MBMK.